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Keeping track of sales, sales leads and sales calls is extremely important for every business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sales marketing software program to do it for you?  In the past, you know the ol pencil and paper days, this was done by using ledgers, and address books.  Now, thanks to the electronic age, all of that can be done on a computer using some type of sales marketing software.  Sales marketing software can be used to keep track of incoming, and outgoing merchandise if you are a retail or wholesale storeowner.  If you are a sales person, sales marketing software can be used to keep client lists, appointments, and even help generate new leads

ICSC sales marketing software works with Microsoft Outlook.  It’s easy to use, pretty much just download it into your current Outlook program and the ICSC sales marketing software does the rest.  The ICSC Company has developed 3 versions of the ICSC sales marketing software to fit every business need no matter how big or small.

New standard  of Sales – CRM- Marketing software.

The Standard version of the ICSC sales marketing software is the first and most basic of the ICSC software system.  It allows you to manage or track your existing contact information from your current Microsoft Outlook program, search for any communications such as emails, or appointments for any of your clients.  The ICSC Standard Sales marketing software allows for tracking the stage and revenue for every transaction, create activity reports, and comes with a ICSC dashboard one click ICSCBar.  ICSC standard sales marketing software also allows for sharing sales data through you outlook email or peer-to-peer sharing. These are all perfect tools to increase your sales clients. The standard version of the ICSC sales marketing software even comes with a report wizard to help with those all-important sales reports.  This sales marketing software program even allows those sales reports to be saved in 4 different formats! What could be better?

The Professional Sales Marketing Software.

How about the next level of the ICSC sales marketing software called The Professional? The Profession sales marketing software has all the features of the standard version plus more. With the Professional sales marketing software it’s possible to share sales data through a central server. This sales marketing software allows you to automate follow-ups with a sales assistant.  Last but certainly not least the Professional ICSC sales marketing software gives you the ability to use centralized reporting for a sales team.

Enterprise Sales -CRM – Marketing Software

The ICSC company has yet another level of the ICSC sales marketing software available. The most complete ICSC version of the sales marketing software is called Enterprise. The Enterprise sales marketing software includes everything from the standard and professional versions plus a few extras that make it the best sales marketing software program available. The ICSC Company has thought of everything with the Enterprise sales marketing software version. This version of sales marketing software allows you to automate your workflow activities and gives you advanced user permissions.

Type of customer support for the ICSC sales marketing software program

The ICSC sales marketing software program comes with installation instructions, a quick start guide and an online self-service tutorial. It even has a free self-service flash tutorial to learn how to best use ICSC as part of your sales marketing software program. Of course the ICSC Company offers customer service call representatives who can be reached by email, and phone, toll free.

Other services offered by ICSC.

Along with the ICSC sales marketing software program, the ICSC Company also offers technological services.  Technological services are always important to any sales marketing software program.  ICSC offers a ICSC Start Right Training program.  It is designed to get small businesses or individual users up to speed quickly so they can use their ICSC sales marketing software right away.  They also offer services such as Sales Process Optimization, Custom Corporate sales management training and consulting services.