About Us

Leading Clients on Their Digital Journeys

ICSC leads clients on their digital transformation journey, providing innovative next-generation technology solutions and services that leverage deep industry expertise,global scale, technology independence and an extensive partner community. Our people help commercial and international public sector clients solve their toughest challenges by modernizing their business processes, applications and infrastructure with next-generation technology solutions.

Our Mission, Values 

& Credo

The mission of ICSC is to be a global leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services.

Our Mission

We always attach special importance to the provision of best services and solutions based on innovative applications in science and technology.

We undertake to go beyond customer expectations for quality and customer response with reasonable time and expense.

We maintain highest standards for moral behaviors and integrity in the working environment.

We recruit employees who have creativity, professional knowledge and dedication to the work and customers.

We always pursue the technology development and the diversified market to increase the value of products for customers and provide more opportunities for our staff.

We encourage the professional and objective working environment to contribute to the development of the company.


The way we achieve our mission is as important as the mission itself


We have responsibility to account for what we do and what we cannot do. At ICSC, all employees shall be responsible for their actions. We know that all intentions, statements and results relate to each other  and this is the key factor in serving customers successfully.



Morality and integrity are the guideline for every action at ICSC. Refusing to compromise with matters related to working principles plays an important role in maintaining ICSC’s credibility.



We respect characteristics that make each employee stand out. Every staff is respected for the variety in skills, experiences and opinions. We always focus on and expect to see the best of our employees.



ICSC take seriously own responsibility. ICSC accepting any critical situation and for solution we will meet for surpass our liability.


We always put our trust in all staff at the company, in their effort and dedication. At ICSC, trust is the core key in leadership. With careful and specific actions, ICSC’s leaders achieve the trust from employees as well as from our customers.


As ICSC Employee, we are responsible for quality of products and services contributing as well as high security throughout world. We make high believe on customer and employees for requisite to achievement of our corporate goal

To Our Customers:

We shall place the highest priority on the quality, time, and competitive advatage for our products and services.

We shall pursue our objectives with commitment to the integrity and professional standards.

To Our Vendors, Suppliers, and Subcontractors

We shall be objective and professional in every business transaction and perform our commitment with customers seriously.

We shall cooperate with vendors, suppliers and subcontractors who have high moral standards as well as commit to the quality of their products and services.

To Our Society

We are responsible citizens who respect law and social standards in every community where we live and work.

To Our Present and Perspective employees

We shall encourage an environment where everybody can share their new ideas, which help us to get the high quality in work

We shall treat our employees honestly and fairly; and we shall ensure equal opportunity for development and promotion

We shall share the rewards of success with those who contribute most to that success.

To Our Shareholders

We shall conduct our shareholder and daily enhance quality of product and services and always have kept in mind about reputation of our company.

Consistent maintain quality of product and services, we shall strive to provide our shareholders a fair return on investment.

We perform managing and controling tasks by ourselves to protect and enhance our company’s reputation.

We are always determined to perform our commitment, and try our best to bring the highest benefits to our shareholders.

Our Strategy

Moving Forward

Multiple forces have reshaped the global IT services market. This past year, ICSC launched a full-scale turnaround to elevate our business performance and deliver greater value to all of our stakeholders during this time of change. As we actively create a more nimble, valued and successful ICSC, our commitment to collaboration, innovative offerings and outstanding service to you, our client, remains as strong as ever. Building on our unique independence and more than 50 years of client service, we are confident that today’s improvements will enable us to serve you even more effectively in the future as a market leader in next-generation solutions and services.

Leveraging a New Operating Model for Greater Efficiency.

We are greatly simplifying our global operating model by reducing excess management layers, clarifying lines of accountability and improving our global team’s integration and focus. Our new leadership team has brought fresh thinking and significant experience in leading transformations, and is quickly improving accountability and responsiveness to your needs.

Scaling Our Next-Generation Offerings for Proven Results.

We are rebalancing our offerings portfolio beyond commoditized IT services and are making purposeful investments to rapidly scale our proven offerings such as cloud, cybersecurity and big data and analytics services to help you reduce costs and increase agility and business effectiveness.

Rationalizing Our Portfolio for Reduced Risk and Faster Impact

By rationalizing our offerings portfolio, we are creating a set of repeatable, best in class offerings that reduce your risk while accelerating the delivery of consistently strong results.

Harnessing World-Class Industry IP for More Innovation.

To help you directly address your key business challenges, we are further developing our portfolio of industry-specific software and solutions through a more efficient offerings lifecycle management approach and the creation of new IP assets.

Modernizing Our Delivery Network for Cost-Effective Consistency.

To bring you enhanced and rapid global delivery capabilities, we are continuing to modernize our data centers around a consumption-based model, fine-tune how we allocate and deploy resources and craft new strategic partnerships with suppliers that improve service levels.

Collaborating Seamlessly for Greater Client Satisfaction

We are reinforcing our commitment to client satisfaction with new, disciplined programs to measure and take action on your feedback, and redesigned our coverage model to ensure proactive engagement with your team.

What can you expect from ICSC as our turnaround continues? Greater agility to anticipate market shifts and your changing needs…lower risks and more consistent results from our proven, repeatable, world-class offerings…more efficient, higher quality delivery around the world…a renewed commitment to collaboration and open communication. And, more innovation and fresh thinking in your environment.

During this turnaround, we have dedicated our hearts and minds to accelerating our progress in shaping a stronger ICSC that delivers greater value and innovation. That is our goal and that is our promise to you.

Corporate Responsibility & Philosophy

Corporate social responsibility

ICSC commits to perform our task excellently as well as contributes to the improvement and development of our community and environment.


At ICSC, we are responsible for the improvement in life quality of our employees, their families and our community where we live and work. We commit to put more effort and contribution to solve our customers’ problems with the support from science and technology. We also commit to use time and available resources to support everybody, enrich our community and protect environment. All these things are the definition of our corporate social responsibility.

The philosophy of our corporate social responsibility is the commitment to moral standards. Morality and integrity have been the core value for ICSC’s culture since the company was founded in 2006. Our prestige of following highest moral standards for individuals and the whole enterprise is one of the factors that make our company successful. We always remind ourselves of the importance of the morality through Mission, Values, Credo, as well as our Acting Principles and Quality commitment.